Does Randy Perkins Deserve The Haitian Vote?

Congressional candidate Randy Perkins and disaster-recovery company took advantage of the Haiti earthquake.

By Archley Andre Bissereth

August 23, 2016
West Palm Beach, Florida –If you’re a Haitian-American living in Martin County or Palm Beach County, you probably have seen television ads from Randy Perkins’ campaign asking for your vote. Who is Randy Perkins?

TC Palm (Treasure Cost Palm) recently reported that Perkins changed his voter registration to Florida’s 18th Congressional District three months after he filed to run. He moved from his $10 million beachfront mansion in Delray Beach, located in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, and now rents a home in Palm Beach Gardens just to run for Congress in the 18th District. Perkins told TC Palm that this isn’t an issue because his disaster-recovery company, AshBritt Environmental Inc., has had contracts within the Martin County, to support that he knows the areas very well.

Hence, I decided to learn more about Mr. Perkins and his disaster-recovery company. I found out he was part of the cleanup efforts in Haiti after the January 12, 2010 earthquake. I was shocked to learn some disturbing things about Mr. Perkins, which I believe my fellow Haitian-Americans brothers and sisters in South Florida should know about.

Almost a month after the Haiti earthquake, Randy Perkins received a contract to help with the cleaning efforts. He promised his company would create thousands of jobs in the country for recovery projects. He also promised to set up training programs and hire Haitian-Americans in Florida to assist in the clean up efforts. However, most of his promises were not kept. Perkins even told The Miami Herald, “When faced with major devastation and loss of life and property, you have a new opportunity to do things in a new and different way.”

As many believe, Mr. Perkins took advantage of the disastrous earthquake for his own personal benefits. Nine months after the earthquake, he told The New York Times he only hired and trained “close to 100” Haitians. Even worse, he bragged that he paid the nearly 100 Haitians only $1,000 a month, “much less the $450 to $500 a day” he paid American machine operators. It’s no wonder The New York Times said Mr. Perkins made a “$25 million gamble that he could capitalize on the Jan. 12 earthquake.”

Therefore, if you’re a Haitian American and planning to vote in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, think before you vote for Mr. Perkins. He’s proven through his words and deeds that he doesn’t care about the Haitian community.

Randy Perkins and his disaster-recovery company took advantage of Haiti. HMI Buzz.

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